Victoria Suan


Victoria Suan is a passionate nonfiction filmmaker who seeks out stories that are
genuine, interesting, and powerful. In recent years, she’s been producing docu-style commercial work under a company called The Film Squad, a video production created by her colleague, Jeff Fong. Currently, she’s taken advantage of her free time to pursue Becoming Incurable, her first feature film project.

Her initial interest in the chronic disease community first came about after she sought to film a short documentary about her high school acquaintance, Sofia Webster. She learned that Sofia was chronically ill with Lyme Disease and saw the support Sofia was receiving online when sharing her experiences. At this time, Victoria was also interested in documenting her cousin, Leo Suan. Leo was living with Dystonia for the past three years, of which had physically progressed to a devastating point. Victoria aimed to film him and his fight as well as the support of his family who persistently love and care for him. As she learned more about Sofia and Leo's stories, she began to notice overlapping qualities between them such as emotional hurdles, unique routines in dealing with their diseases, isolation, misdiagnosis, and the sudden transformed relationship they now have with society due to their illnesses. As soon as Victoria noticed this, she aimed to find one more story that could sum up the voices for millions out there who suffer from progressive and chronic diseases. Thereafter she stumbled across a blog titled "Being Charis" and read up about a woman who suffered mentally, emotionally, and physically from Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS). Charis Hill's story provided a unique balance to the universal message about the perseverance needed to accept life with a physically severe illness. These are beautiful, vulnerable stories that Victoria is beholden to, as they are some of the most human messages we will ever have the opportunity of listening to. Victoria hopes that this film will encourage us all to listen, converse with, and support friends and family who are living under physiological struggle.