In addition to the film project, a DIY exhibit and Visual Reality experience are also in the works. 


The VR Experience

Victoria Suan, the filmmaker behind Becoming Incurable, knew the importance of having public engagement around the film's message. For those who may never hear about the film, Victoria decided to work on a Visual Reality (VR) experience summarizing the film's message in the most intimate way possible. She hopes it will help even more people understand and connect with the emotional toll of those living with a physically debilitating disease. 

Victoria hopes to combine these two projects so that anyone can recreate the VR exhibit in public spaces.


The Exhibit

Graduating with a B.A. in Exhibition Design, Tiffany Trieu is excited to conceptualize a public display that will reach new audiences who have not yet learned about the film. The exhibit aims to inspire engagement through asking a single, powerful question to those interacting with the display. After experimenting with materials and designing the layout, Tiffany will craft a blueprint for those interested in recreating the exhibit through DIY means. The goal with a DIY approach is to provide groups, organizations, and people aligned with the film's mission an affordable, easy way to setup this display at public events.